Baji quan Learning course 2 - Fight applications -

●基本功とその用法 jibengong yongfa
Jiben Gong (Basic Training) and their applications

●小架一路 用法 xiaojia yongfa
Applications of Xiaojiayilu

●四朗寛用法 silangkuan yongfa
Applications of Silangkuan

●四朗寛における十大形意 silangkuan shidaxingyi
10 animal ideas in Silangkuan
Dragon / Tiger / Bear / ape/ Snake / Deer / Chicken / Rock bird / Ostrich / Crane

Format: NTSC, Japanese Subtitled, 4:3standard and 16:9 widescreen
Region: Region 2 (Japan) Please prepare a DVD player of the region-free.
Run Time: 47 minutes

For the photography in the home video camera, a sound includes disorder some pictures.